Preserving Cultural Heritage

“Preserving Cultural Heritage” was a conference, organized by the Dialogue of Cultures – United World Fund with the primary aim to compile a list of recommendations for government bodies and international organizations working to protect the world’s cultural heritage. The topic has a great significance for the Fund as its main goals include preserving cultural diversity and intangible culture of the world’s peoples.

The conference has stressed the importance of taking a series of substantial measures to maintain the rich heritage of the humankind, amid armed conflicts, natural disasters and other deliberate and non-deliberate actions posing a serious threat to the cultural heritage, and has put forward proposals for enhancing policies pursued to maintain the legacy of the mankind. The conference took place on 20 May 2016 in the cultural and educational center ETNOMIR and gathered representatives of governmental agencies, research institutes, universities and non-governmental organizations. The following experts addressed the conference:

  • Researchers of the International Center of the Roerichs in Moscow Alla Klementyeva and Irina Dyachenko
  • Head of the Center for World’s Heritage and International Cooperation of Russia’s Likhachov Research Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage Nadezhda Filatova
  • Director of the project “Architecture and heritage”, representative of Heritage for Generations Fund Ruslan Prokopishin
  • Coordination Council Member of Architectural Watch social movement Victor Kurasov
  • Deputy President of the Kaluga regional Council of Russian Society for Cultural and Historical Monuments Protection Vitaly Gorokhovatsky
  • Researcher of the Institute for Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Roman Krivko