Pedagogical technologies festival in ETNOMIR

Type: Education and Science
Country: Russia
Year of opening: 2012

Pedagogical Technologies Festival was held in «ETNOMIR» Cultural and Educational Center on July 2-7, 2012.

Pedagogical technologies festival in «ETNOMIR»

The festival was organized by Moscow State Pedagogical University, Center of Practical Thinking and «Dialogue of Cultures - United World» Fund. Festival participants got the chance to learn long established teaching methods, including: TRIZ pedagogy, paired learning, lateral thinking, eidetics, speed reading, mind maps and mnemonics.

The Festival program was divided into 7 sections and included training seminars, workshops, lectures and trainings. «ETNOMIR» prepared 7 platforms for the event - one platform for each section. «ETNOMIR» presented its educational programs and projects of «Dialogue of Cultures - United World» Fund to the festival participant.

Among the leading coaches of the Festival were such experts in pedagogy as Doctor of Educational Sciences Sergei Vorovschikov, PhD in Philosophical Sciences and teacher on the methods of lateral thinking Dmitriy Galkin, expert consultant on TRIZ Anatoliy Gin, Process Engineer in the technology of paired training Grigoriy Gromko and author of the positional method, Director General of the Position Scientific and Innovative Company Valentin Mashkin.