«RGS Pathfinders» first All-russian youth meeting

Type: Education and Science
Country: Russia
Year of opening: 2013
Project Partners: Russian Geographical Society

On November 2-6, 2013 the Russian Geographical Society (RGS) with the assistance of «Dialogue of Cultures - United World» Fund held the First All-Russian Youth Meeting of the representatives of RGS regional branches in «ETNOMIR».

«RGS Pathfinders» first All-russian youth meeting

Nearly 200 forum participants from 60 regions of Russia gathered in the territory of «ETNOMIR» Cultural and Educational Center. They will form the backbone of a new RGS Pathfinders youth movement created at the suggestion of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The offer was made at a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society on April 30, 2013. Then, the President said that children’s organizations whose activities are related to the topics of the Russian Geographical Society need a unified structure to summarize the experience. At the same meeting, President of «Dialogue of Cultures - United World» Fund presented the «ETNOMIR» project to the meeting participants, and RGS President Sergei Shoigu offered to call this new youth movement «RGS Pathfinders» and to hold the first meeting in the ethnographic park-museum «ETNOMIR».

The forum began with a presentation by Dmitriy Oleynik, Executive Director of the Russian Geographical Society, who congratulated the participants of the new youth movement and thanked Ruslan Bayramov, Founder of the «ETNOMIR» project, for the warm welcome.
In his welcoming speech to the meeting participants, RGS President Sergei Shoigu wrote:

«Dear friends! I congratulate you on the opening of the First All-Russian Youth Meeting of the Russian Geographical Society! This is an important event for all of us. The meeting gathered young creative people who love their jobs from 60 regions of Russia.
In the days of the meeting, they will be able to enhance their knowledge about our wonderful country, its nature, cultural and historical heritage, talk about their projects and find like-minded people, meet interesting people and learn more about new expeditions and programs of the Russian Geographical Society.

I am confident that the All-Russian Youth Meeting of the Russian Geographical Society will become a good tradition contributing to the implementation of new ideas and projects and teaching the younger generation to love their native country and desire for new discoveries. I wish all the participants successful work, new acquaintances and creative achievements!»
G.D. Oleynik also conveyed the confidence of S.K. Shoigu that such meetings will be a good tradition of the Russian Geographical Society. A welcome speech at the opening ceremony was given by RGS Deputy Executive Director Andrei Voskresenskiy and President of the Russian Association of Geography Teachers Alexander Lobzhanidze.
Head of the «ETNOMIR» project Ruslan Bayramov said:

«We are honored to hold the first meeting of the youth movement of the Russian Geographical Society in «ETNOMIR». RGS was established in the middle of the 19th century, the golden age of geographical science, and your task is to carry the continuity of the first travelers. Our country continues to carry its values - respect for the cultural diversity of the peoples of the world and respect for nature.

Russia occupies a central place on the map of «ETNOMIR» between East and West. We maintain and demonstrate the culture of the peoples of Russia and the nations of the world and we would like you to take the energy you get here to your regions. Such meetings and such initiations are remembered for a lifetime! Thank you for being here! Good luck in your great work!»
All the children got to the Meeting according to the results of a competition held by the regional offices of the Russian Geographical Society. These children are not only representatives of the young intellectual elite, they are aware of the real and not ostentatious patriotism. They are proud of their country seeking to change the world for the better and build grand plans for the future.

The young participants of the forum visited the park, took part in workshops, quizzes and competitions and communicated with famous travelers. The forum has become a discussion platform, where the participants discussed the issues of youth policy in Russia, presented examples of successful work with young people and shared their experience.

Adult participants of the forum included famous explorers, environmentalists and researchers of the depths engaged in the youth work.