Peoples’ Friendship - Russia’s Experience

«Peoples’ Friendship - Russia’s Experience» was a conference held by the Dialogue of Cultures - United World Fund in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Nationality Affairs on 28 October 2016 in ETNOMIR.

People of 193 nationalities live in the Russian Federation, thus, preserving cultural diversity, ensuring intercultural understanding and social cohesion, and guaranteeing ethnic minorities’ rights are high priorities for the country. The conference was designed to address successful methods and initiatives aimed at strengthening social cohesion in Russia and building a peaceful and inclusive multicultural society.

The conference was attended by the leading experts in the sphere of interethnic relations, including the Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Nationality Affairs Andrey Mezhenko, Deputy Governor of the Kaluga region Aleksey Nikitenko, Deputy Minister of the Internal Policy and Mass Communications of the Kaluga Region Irina Fedorova, Director of the Internal Affairs Department of the Russian Council of Muftis Ali Khasanov, Expert of the Moscow House of Nationalities Anastasiya Zmetnaya, President of the Regional Public Organization “Universal Peace Federation” Dmitri Samko, representatives of Russia’s ethnic associations and other experts.

The conference received official support from the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Nationality Affairs and Government of the Kaluga Region.

Educational and cultural center ETNOMIR was one of the successful initiatives discussed at the conference. In pursue of its mission to promote the world’s peace, ETNOMIR works towards an ambitious goal to showcase cultures of all peoples of the world. Though only partly complete, ETNOMIR is already an outstanding example of a significant contribution to promoting cultural diversity and intercultural understanding in Russia.