Monument to Little Prince

Type: Monuments
Country: Russia
Year of opening: 2008

Monument to the protagonist of the world famous allegorical novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Monument to Little Prince in «ETNOMIR»

Monuments to literary heroes are a tradition numbering more than a decade. There are monuments to outstanding literary heroes on the squares and streets, in the parks and mini-parks of many cities in the world. These heroes are known for their resourcefulness or courage, optimism or unusual actions, sense of humor or stupidity. Each of the monuments, like each person, has its own destiny. Little Prince embodies sincerity, honesty and responsibility. Since their childhood, everyone remembers the words from the novel by Saint-Exupery:
«There is a firm rule. You get up in the morning, wash your face, bring yourself into order - and immediately bring into order the planet» 

«We are responsible for those we have tamed».
Sculptor: Andrei Orlov.